My heavenly Father’s princess, my earthly father’s queen
To my brothers and I, simply but a dream
What she imparted on us is well glued on our hearts
May we always make her proud by more than just being well groomed on our part
And decades to come, these things will still stick
For our bond ma’, is deeper than 6 feet
Truly humble woman
Adorable human
Heart of gold
Heart of God
And we are grateful for you knew the Lord
If we asked her to say it, she’d say she “knew the rod”
May have been a shrub but not necessarily untrue
She would firmly discipline us back to the truth
Not just exercising her role as a teacher
But in the same breath playing her role as per scripture
But at 54 she lay there breathless, in the physical
But really alive, for her true breath is in the spiritual
We thank God that He gave your body that rest
I will not question Him lest I fail in that test
There’s a lot I can say but words, they fail me
I may not say much to or of my ma’ just coz of how deep this goes
But I pray my relationship with her spoke more than I can put in a poetry piece or prose
I tried to write a perfect piece
But I realised that my adherence to the scripture with which you brought me up
Would be the greatest poem I ever write…that grants me perfect peace!
And at this time when you have gone across
I can’t help but think of Christ on that old rugged cross
He was in deep sorrow, pain and distress
And despite the strain in the flesh
To His very last breath
He still maintained God as His best
Christ’s submission to God even when the suffering got all the colder
Was enough to change the life of the Roman soldier
They say, “Seeing is believing”
The Roman saw Jesus’ death to the flesh at his point of death in the flesh and he believed
Jesus attitude beat logic
Some may have thought He’d lost it
But that’s how He won it!
At this time of suffering, pain and lack of strength
May my submission to You, Lord, bring many to Yourself
That we may learn to die to self ourselves
For to live is Christ and to die is gain
But if we don’t die in His name
We just be lying in vain
The mourning would be a crying shame
And there’ll be no chance to try again!
Time and chance happens to all
And this could be your time and chance to humble your all
Time and chance to set your heart
To set your heart to be after God
“Take my life and let it be, Holy, consecrated Lord to Thee…”


EIGHT© 2011


Alphabetic Prayer…

Almighty God, Abba Father, our All in All,

You are the Alpha so we Ask that You

Begin with us and enable us to be Bible-based believers

That You may bestow your blessing on a beautiful blemishless bride

For You are Christ;

And may we be a chastened Christ-Centered Church…

Where we have been corrupted, grant us Your counsel

For You are the Deliverer

…from the Devils distractions and our desires that daily defile us;

We pray that we may decrease

That we may effectively express Your heart

That each and everyone may encounter You who is the Eternal,

For You are Faithful

…oh that You may forgive us and free us

From this fallen, frail and failing flesh

That ever falters for we are full of fear

So we pray that we may come face-to-face with Your perfect Love

That You will fill us with the fulfilment that comes from You

For You are the father to the Fatherless

You are God

…by Your Grace may we stay grounded in the genuine gist of the Gospel

For You are Holy

…so we cry Holy, Holy, Holy

Heavenly Father, with our hearts humbly bowed and hands held high

We know You are here

For You are Immanuel…

You are intimate

And though sometimes You may seem invisible

We know You are invincible; the great I Am

For You are Jesus

…our source of joy…

You are Jehovah…

You are the King of Kings

…so we hit our knees

And commit our country, our kinship – Kenya

Our Kingship. Our Leadership

That You who is Lord of Lords

Be the Leader of both the leaders and the led

You are Love so we pray that You may unite us

You are Light so Lord, guide us

Lord lead us all

For You are Master

…Move in this place thru the messages from Your Ministers

May the mind of the Messiah be manifest in the music

Lord, You are Needed

…make us new…

You are our…

One and only…

Oh how we pray that You order our steps

We pray that Your Presence be present

That all the Priests and prophets

who will have any part to play on this pulpit,

This platform

May not preach in pretense, for profit or praise which is borne of pride

But in obedience and comPassion for the lost…in love, like You [li-Q]

In the quietness of Your presence

May you quench our thirst

As we rend our hearts

As we repent and return

To You…You who is Righteous

…may You reign in our lives

Renew our minds oh Redeemer

For You are the Saviour

…sensitise us to Your Spirit

That we may stand strong

And be the salt like scripture says

That all sinners may see the Son who sets souls free

For You are Truth

…teach us to trust You

That we may triumph over tests, temptations and trials

To the glory of YOU

For You are unequaled

Not to us but unto You be all the praise…

May we be unified in the understanding of this ultimate goal

That You may use us…despite ourselves,

For Your Love is unconditional

You are the vindicator

…give us vision beyond the veil of vanity

That we may value our virtues as versions of voices

That point the lost to You

For You are the Way

May all we want be to worship You

Walking in wisdom welling up from Your Word

Watching and praying as we welcome You

In strength and weakness

May we examine our lives, and realise we have nothing

to cling onto except the one we nailed on the cross

You…you who let Yourself yield to Your Father’s will,

to the point of death

…making us sons and daughters of Zion…

may we serve You with zeal

and end this prayer with Your words to Zerubabbel in Zechariah 4:6

… It’s not by power, not by might by My Spirit says the Lord of Hosts…

and the church said…Amen!


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Cash gospel…

Christ purposed to REACH out to us,

So He gave His life – He didn’t just CHIP in!

He gave life 2those who cried “PASS me not” immediately they heard the good news

And still gave a chance 2those who WERE LATE.

“It is WELL”THe freed souls sang coz

He BROKE bondages,

Freed us where we were STUCK,

Dealt wit our FLAWS,

Took our DEBT,

Paid the PRICE

And gave us the CHANGE…

And it wasn’t because

He was a baller from KAREN-C or some up-town hood like that.

Makes no SENSE, does it…?

These humblin facts jus bring me to MA’ KNEES…

Life of The Spirit…take NOTES!!

My question…are you SOULED-OUT??

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New Testament…

I’m a step above the MARK-you could call me MATTHEW
I gatta LUKE for JOHN-I’m wondering have You
Seen him-you see he’ll
Guide me regarding my ACTS around the ROMANS
So I won’t have unnecessary drama about my romance
Like the CORINTHIANS-1st time I was torn in distress
Come 2nd time around it was a thorn in the flesh!!
In this new age I still drive ancient cars
I’m African but I could still date Asian girls
Coz GALATIANS taught me that I’m free from the law
Men’s mental frames that bound me before
We need pioneers in the church like EPHESIANS
Seeking efficience as we are reaching the fishes!
I admire wise Christ-just 12 like 3 leap years
Emulating His humility like PHILIPPIANS!
Those You call Your sons
They recognize the supremacy of The son
Anything void of this, a cult is what you become!
If you’re ensnared you need 2 style up like THE-SSALON-IANS
Then your values will stink less like less ammonium
It’s such an honor to be on Your TEAM-
OH, THY Word is a lamp unto my feet
No gifts are as TIGHT AS His
Do you FEEL’EM MAN??
So out of faith we drink whatever HE BREWS
I can’t say the power of the tongue is news
Read it over the years in the book of JAMES
Keeps me cautious of what I name and claim.
Like PETER my feet are running to be learning
1st to be holy and 2nd to be sure of my calling
They talk of the things we do 4 love
So JOHN added 3 to the 1 mentioned above
Took a break for JUDE to give rebuke
Then in 22 chapters of REVELATION
He brings to an end the new covenant to every nation.

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Dust off…(the prodigals’ story)


Right then I was newly saved

Those who knew me nudely gazed

At the new me dazed at how I stood in praise

Of He who’s grace sustained he who strayed.

Starting Friday, He died and resurrected for me before the Tues was day

But now what happens between my Friday and Monday Is P.G (Parental &Pastoral Guidance)…I refuse to say

I’m pretty sure I don represent this Truth today

Somehow found myself choosing to choose the way-ward way

And not the way the Word say

No-longer lived off the Word from the horse’s mouth Coz I thought this food was neigh

Losing sight of how each hand, each foot was nailed

For me!

Set myself up, in a setting where the mood is made

The chic is hot, the dude is great

Can not flee- “my foot is sprained”

My will is weak and crudely chained

Been thru so much, the hair of my youth is grey

Dived into a life that is truly vain

I drank from this well and well

Wound up drunk from the smell of hell

Inspired by the praise of men

But shattered by the depth of them-null and void

Like breath in death!

I can’t live on the glory of my past

So what to do? I roll in the dust

Get indifferent-foolish, yes

But still did what this “fool” wants

And what this “fool” feels

Truth is they satisfy but none fulfils

I sometimes get to my knees but my faith falls and falters

And I’m in a good position to crawl off the alter

Time and again I try to pick myself up

Get back on track and keep my head up

But doubts and fears fill my head and

The constant reminder that I’m way past hardly guilty

I’m dirty…filthy


I wonder why God hasn’t kill me??!!

Instead He still calls me child-I’m His kinship

Despite despising His Godly Kingship!

This dust is killing me yet I refuse to live in trust

It seems easier to learn to breathe in dust

Acclimatize…grievous lies…

The dust has become my entity’s identity

I act cool, comfortable and macho but I’m still sensitive

For deep down I know my identity ought to really be Jesus

And the Bible is not nearly fictitious

Been there, done that and got the t-shirt

Infact, a whole bunch’a t-shirts

The dusty t-shirts that have me relapse

Over and over…

Once I had my eyes on His-I walked on water

But I saw the size of the winds-I lost my focus

I began to sink I didn’t turn to Him,

I tried to swim

I tried to wade out to get a way out

But Truth was out-weighed by the way doubt

Played out

But like Jonah, I wanna be whaled-out

I need healing…I wanna be welled out

I think it’s time I cleaned up-dust off

Dust off my Bible…off my shelf

Dust off my life of…all of myself

Dust off…for my slavery must stop

Dust off…-not part of but ALL of-my mask off

And all this dust, this huge pile of dust

Will no-longer choke me

But You’ll mould it and uphold it

As the testimony of my past

All to prove to show Your faithfulness and Your power

Not my deeds but my faith-fullness holds the power

Dear Lord, I wanna stop the life I’m living

And be restored to the land of the Living

A new lease of life is my desire

By Your grace…may I be what you require


EIGHT…© 2009

27/02/09 TO 01/03/09 (2232hrs-2323hrs)

  • This goes out to all the fallen soldiers: prodigal sons/daughters…God still loves you irrespective…you are welcome back home; walk in step with The Spirit, by grace through faith…
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…Same script…

She’d been hurt before…over and over

She had heard it all…it’s time it was over

Last time it was, “I need space to think things through”

And he was keen to add that there were family issues so he wouldn’t seem crude

The time before that, He’d stood her up…somehow he managed to forget you were on

At their 1st breakup, it was: he was too busy …either had a meeting or a project to work on

Eventually, they chatted on text less and less

Coz he claimed he didn’t have credit to reply her sms’es

Then when she resorted to calling, he didn’t pick it up

And still didn’t bother to keep in touch

Return her calls maybe…say how his day’s been

Man, she goes to bed with a heavy heart on the daily

He alleged his phone was on silent mode (Him or the phone?)

As it rang, he just sighed and watched

Whenever they spoke he sounded out of it and in low spirits

He said he was tired-he just wasn’t feelin this vibe…he’d gotten bored with it

No woman passed unnoticed

He shamelessly turned and watched it

Man I’m sorry…this sounds like a sheer bad man’s story

She was fed up, frustrated and sick and tired of this stinkin liar

She was hard hit and she had had it!!

But she wasn’t exactly cautious…so she ended up actually closer

Coz she didn’t give herself enough time to get anywhere close to closure

Daily fixated on her phone reading thru his texts

With “their song” in the background…y’all know the blues effect

What else would be next except

The memory of their very first kiss

Intimacy…squarely past bliss

Plus she’s hugging the anniversary teddy-bear

She doesn’t see how her and her baby dear can be ending here

She tried drowning her head in beer &wine

Hoping that her frustration’s end is near…WHY??

But she still told herself that these were just growth phases

That they had to go thru to prepare them to go places

As far as she was concerned, she could still hear the wedding bells

Followed by nursery rhymes and vege-tales

All the time, deep inside she knew something wasn’t right

She just covered it up with the good that was in sight

Good here being synonymous to comfort

Being happy was on her priority forefront

She said, “It’s not yet time…it’s really hard…I’m takin baby steps”

Evidently just trying to accommodate her escapist self

She was convinced that she’d never get anything remotely close to this

And when her friends tried to talk her out of it, she got so pissed

And told them this:

“He loves me and I love him…you don’t understand, I just do…I love him!!”

To her, he was a priceless gift that God had given to her

So she feared ever losing him S

o much so that she let him have the priceless gift that God had given to her

She opened up to him-in more ways than one

As a form of security plus she said she knows he’s the one

There was no problem with his inspection of her guard of honor – it was a perfect match

There’s no man she’d ever loved as much

He made her feel golden with his Mida’s touch

She really felt loved-he had the mildest touch!

Plus he was strong and confident-he was a man in charge!

These are the thoughts and memories she as having when out of the blue

The phone rang…it was him!!

She had her mind on the moon

Couldn’t keep her thoughts to the ground

And despite the fact that sense knocked rapidly

At her head’s door, her mind had no gravity

How could he call now…she barely had the ability to shut him out

Not at this level of vulnerability…she’s cursing now!!

But slowly she got abit composed

Getting herself together like feet and toes

She vowed to give the bratha a hard time

Ignored the call twice and picked it up the 3rd time

But the moment he said “Hello”, she didn’t melt…she sublimed

He asked if they could meet up sometime

So they could each speak their mind coz they should not forget

That this relationship started off on mutual consent

And if it should end, the case should still be so

How noble…this bratha’s skill is gold!

She got his point, humbly agreed and they set the date

And this time, for once in a long time, he didn’t get there late

He bought the right things to set the right mood

And said all the right things all in the right mood

Voluntarily suggesting and accepting fault leaving her emotional sight skewed

He was hard on himself…he even shed some tears

And said “I wanna get this clear so Im’ma say this here-

Baby I’m sorry and I’m tired of being a fool,

May not always look it, but my entire being is in love with you

I know I’ve hurt you and right now, I don’t wanna fight you!”

Quite the cinematic apology-she’d landed herself a bright dude

“I love you and I just wanna keep it simple

And it’s not coz I’m afraid of living single!”

She ran back to the same man who was emotionally abusive

It’s like she was co-starring and not just watchin the movie

Alongside the same “movie-star” who she caught with a groupie

With his pants off…hats off!! Boy wasn’t stupid!

He’d studied her well and got what’s important

He appealed to her emotions…and made her heart his doormat

The entry point on route to her mind-speak of a red carpet

He knew his do’s and don’ts so he wouldn’t get busted

Said how pathetic he was by expressing himself on a piece of paper

He wrote her a poem… this was more than just a decent favor

Coz he’d never done this before

She didn’t know he had this in store

It was the greatest addition to the previous make-up dates

It wasn’t the 1st time so they both subconsciously anticipated the make-up sex.

She’d once again unfortunately flipped the script

But instead of being quick to click or speak ill of her

Acknowledge this, what she sees in him none of us does or ever will

What they’ve experienced together, none of us has or ever will

BUT, my friend, my sister, you need to rise-you’re an eagle…you ought to be above your situation

Don’t be puppeteered by emotional captivation

What you’ve been thru happened so that she could learn and grow

Miss, it’s time for you to stand and go…move on to the next level

The pain you’re going thru, none of us can precisely feel it

There’s a wound that needs healing and none of us will heal it

The storm that you’re in, none of us can still it!

The void you’re trying to fill…not even a good man can fill it

Sex won’t fill it Friends won’t fill it

Music, poetry or career won’t fill it

Lifestyle, alchohol, philosophy, what not…they won’t fill it

Whatever you’re tryin to fill it with, you need to kill it

Coz the void you’re trying to fill…ONLY JESUS CAN FILL IT!!

It’s sad to think from where our spirits and minds are fed

So, allow me to ask: why you gon’ look for the living among the dead…?


17TH-21ST Sept


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Pass… (Sequel to “Fla(u)sh”)

There was an extra seat right next to him but then she past it

If looking hot is Halle Berry on a barbeque in hell at noon…man she’d passed it

With a wink she asked he pass the bowl …he smiled and then he passed it

She came up with a move, made it and then she passed it…

She made a pass at him-put him on the gentleman-test-but then he passed it

Got protection, opened her clutch-bag then she pursed it.

He’d always had a weakness for her but he thought he was past it

Until all moved real fast like time paused and then he passed it

His sexual boundary went mad-umm…well…the SIR-passed it!

Things got thick, got sick…septic and then she pused it

Broke his heart and made him low-like he was a bill then she passed it

Opted to leave it as history-he chose to past it

Dying inside despite the smiles-he kept it plastic!

In the same spirit as her when she flashed it!

Now there’s a cringe every time the bratha sees tha sister

His mind can’t help but seize the picture

Of how her teaser diction Turned her into his addiction

He tries to see this as fiction

But still sees this chic as his affliction

He feels dismissed, dissed, spit and pissed on

Pissed off by his sick decision

Of which I seek to speak in this depiction

She succeeded to steal his peace like pistols

This piece is his epistle…

A story of a victim of society’s lies

Of being male being superior in society’s eyes

Explaining why women wanna play “masculine roles”

Be a playa, be a dog-they don’t wanna be told

No strings attached, age doesn’t matter much-they don wanna be old

Yet them just being feminine is a wonder-behold!

But they’re aping a fallen example with all that they have

Enslaved to false identities and “modern-day love”!

So the obsession and thrill in living in these false identities,

Let’s trash them, let’s crush them, let’s flash them

And let’s move past them!

I’m amazed at a sight to behold and gaze at

Chics who just wanna start off with lips sync-like playbacks

Coz they’ve been hurt before and are back for payback

Say they never get bored-they’re just like day bugs

Aim for the both the hardcores and laid back frail lads

Operate from the head-say their strength is brilliance

They don’t commit…they say their game is freelance

While trying to master him, she never sees expense

She’s busy trying to buy healing at his expense

Notice, everybody wants to be a master-not a mistress

Rather be the father-not the Missus

Everybody wants to be the man…not the little girl

To downgrade someone, you give them a feminine term

And another feminine term is what you’ll get in return!

Trying to fight a battle that shouldn’t be fought

Men and women are equal-we’ve been taught this was determined before.

My prayer of God’s freedom and truth is upon you

Brothers who think you’re superior coz you’re a strong dude

And also for you my sister who feels less than him

Who thinks you’re inferior coz you’re feminine

Trying to be masculine makes you frail and starved

I know of a more excellent way-the way of Love!

God is Love…In love we gain freedom

This freedom helps us understand that we are all made equal

A truth that should be resounded like an echo

A truth that should be followed up like a sequel!

True freedom is in Jesus and I can’t get past it

So I do my best to preach and pass it!




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Levite…(the minister of the gospel)

Commissioned to ministry, he was called to be a Levite

His work was service and he vowed to live right

God was the focus of his life and all that he’d write

Making a living as a minister-one of his lead fights

We wonder: shelter, clothing plus what he’d feed, right?

His brothers ought to give but what if they didn’t tithe?

Is he to die of brokenness and still speak life?

Should he pause his ministry? Or maybe make it biz’ like?

Should he use his skills to foot his bills?

Coz thru these deals this dude could school his kids

Began to do his gigs less and less as a minister

Began to do these things more or less as a businessman…

Don get me wrong, nothing’s wrong with making money

But it shouldn’t be the driving force to sharing testimony

Gifts and talents are tools we use to save souls

Don’t loosely use the Truth to jus make dough

Christ didn’t preach jus to make some cents for his needs

His love for the lost-that’s the sense that we need!

Neither did He share parables at a special fee

He did so so as to teach and set all free

Ministry without love for the lost of course is off the course

Your gift, your passion or job is not your source

A truthful reminder and caution for Levi

Jehovah Jireh is faithful – He’s our portion forever

King, may we seek You first; Spirit reveal to us

Your living Truth plus, how to live in true trust

Brethren, me and you must first seek Jesus heart

Have our knees become foreigners to our floors?

Has Jesus become a foreigner in our flows?

Do we turn down ministry because of the pay?

Or is it because when you prayed, that was what Jehovah had said?

We don’t earn fame and fortune-they come from favour

We are simply called to be faithful, they are not merely returns on labour

With ALL that we have, let’s be good stewards

As we live and lean towards turning faith into works

Ministers are called to a life full of faith, let’s face it!

Nobody said it’s gonna be easy but by grace we make it

Levites serving for self commit a sin of fraud

The scriptures show ministers live(d) off God

This is not to get controversial, get you scared or hesitant

Numbers 18:20: The Lord promised HE IS our inheritance!

EIGHT 2010

Not enough words to perfectly articulate this but well…….!

Numbers 18:20 The LORD said to Aaron, “You will have no inheritance in their land, nor will you have any share among them; I am your share and your inheritance among the Israelites.”

Matthew 6:33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

1Peter 4:10-11 Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. If you speak, you should do so as one who speaks the very words of God. If you serve, you should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen.

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Vain Plight…

Lookin for God with all the wrong senses,
lookin for love in all the wrong places,
lookin for beauty in all the wrong faces,
lookin for growth in the wrong phases,
lookin for depth in all the wrong phrases,
lookin to worship with all the wrong praises,
lookin to justify on all the wrong basis,
lookin for foundations on all the wrong bases,
lookin to be efficient with all the wrong paces,
lookin to quench thirst from all the wrong cases,
lookin for victory in all the wrong races,
lookin to appeal with all the wrong dresses,
lookin to be relevant thru all the wrong crazes
lookin 4greatness on all the wrong stages
lookin to be taught from all the wrong pages
lookin for TRUTH void of God’s basics
in search of the TRUTH is what this strain is
a meaningless whirl wind,more than jus a vain breeze
now chill &think..get a brain freeze…
What’s ur plight..where does ur confidence lie…what’s ur proof??
Have u bowed to the fact that God’s tha Truth…??

The pain you’re going thru, none of us can precisely feel it
There’s a wound that needs healing and none of us can heal it
The storm that you’re in, none of us can still it!
The void you’re trying to fill…not even a good (wo)man can fill it
Sex won’t fill it
Friends, relationships won’t fill it
Music, poetry or career won’t fill it
Lifestyle, alchohol, philosophy, what not…they won’t fill it
Whatever you’re tryin to fill it with, you need to kill it
Coz the void you’re trying to fill…ONLY JESUS CAN FILL IT!!
It’s sad to think from where our spirits and minds are fed
So, allow me to ask: why you gon’ look for the living among the dead…?

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Mathematical Testimony…

Life can be as complex as mathematics

Find yourself gettin caught up in a matrix

My life was divided into a multiple of priorities

Problem is most of them were rooted in carnalities

Feeling entrapped in Closed Brackets Of Division

By a Multiple of Additional Subtractions

To my chances of attaining my predestined degree of freedom

That would enable my spiritual dentals to grow to wisdom

I wasn’t living my life the best way I could live it

T’waz comin to a dead end just like a limit

This very nature was simply a product

of me bein a mere mortal created from raw dust

All that sin was killin me just like poisson

My boyz on the other hand helpin me differentiate

Right from wrong tellin me “love the friends u hate,

Integrate ur lifestyle with God’s truth

So wen u fall, you know He’ll be waitin with arms open wider than obtuse”

But first I had to eliminate some errors in reasoning

Reason being

I thought I just needed to get through school & get me a cute shortie

But truth is this was just an acute shortage

of what I really needed

Coz what I really needed

Was to let myself decrease

And simultaneously let Jesus increase

Coz through this one choice I’m destined for heaven

3 nails + 1cross made me 4given

The blood that He shed washed me whiter than detergent

And the love He shared struck me right like a tangent

At the cross He takes my sins forgives &then forgets

Raises me to higher power than exponents

My testimony’s all about the son that God sent

Christ over Dann…now that’s my quotient

The cosine

More like the sine that cos’d

My life to cross

The line that was

Holding my life from God:

Christ on the Cross!!

Where He became my boss

He saved my boyz

I raise my voice

And praise my source

Of eternal cause….

To this day, God still moulds me to being on point like a decimal

So I share my story through a poem so intellectual…


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